Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Bracketology: February 27

 Latest and greatest is below. 3 weeks out!

1. Purdue, Connecticut, Houston, Arizona
2. North Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, Marquette
3. Iowa State, Alabama, Duke, Baylor
4. Creighton, Auburn, San Diego State, Illinois
5. Wisconsin, Clemson, Kentucky, Dayton
6. BYU, Texas Tech, Washington State, St. Mary's (CA)
7. Utah State, TCU, Florida, Colorado State
8. South Carolina, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Florida Atlantic
9. Mississippi State, Northwestern, Boise State, Nebraska
10. Gonzaga, New Mexico, Nevada, Virginia
11. Wake Forest, Seton Hall, Providence, Texas, Texas A&M, Indiana State
12. Grand Canyon, Princeton, South Florida, McNeese State
13. James Madison, Samford, UC Irvine, Akron
14. Louisiana Tech, Vermont, College of Charleston, High Point
15. Youngstown St, Morehead State, Eastern Washington, Colgate
16. Fairfield, South Dakota State, Norfolk State, Merrimack, Lipscomb, Grambling

Monday, February 5, 2024

Bracketology: February 5

And we're back! After a rough start to conference play (and slotting as a 4-seed), MU has won 6 straight and is up to the 2-line, slight edge over Kansas solely from beating them head-to-head on neutral turf. As always, these will be posted on The Bracket Matrix. I'll update every other week until Selection Sunday.

1. Purdue, Connecticut, Houston, North Carolina
2. Arizona, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Marquette
3. Kansas, Alabama, Baylor, Iowa State
4. Duke, Creighton, Illinois, Dayton
5. Kentucky, Auburn, BYU, San Diego State
6. Utah State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Clemson
7. Florida Atlantic, South Carolina, TCU, Colorado State
8. New Mexico, Utah, Northwestern, Mississippi
9. St. John's, Mississippi State, Memphis, Michigan State
10. Boise State, Nebraska, Florida, St. Mary's (CA)
11. Texas A&M, Texas, Colorado, Seton Hall
12. Indiana State, Providence, Washington State, Grand Canyon, Princeton, McNeese State
13. James Madison, UC Irvine, Samford, Akron
14. Louisiana Tech, Drexel, Vermont, Morehead State
15. High Point, Eastern Washington, Colgate, Quinnipiac
16. South Dakota State, Youngstown St, Norfolk State, Lipscomb, Merrimack, Southern

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Bracketology - Selection Sunday

This is it folks. As always, this will be posted on the Brack Matrix. Seeding MU was tough. I figured they're either the top 3-seed or the bottom 2-seed. Gave them the edge since they dominated Baylor straight up. Happy Selection Sunday!

1. Alabama, Kansas, Houston, Purdue
2. UCLA, Texas, Arizona, Marquette
3. Baylor, Gonzaga, Kansas State, Connecticut
4. Tennessee, Xavier, Indiana, Iowa State
5. Virginia, San Diego State, Duke, Texas A&M
6. TCU, Miami (FLA.), St. Mary's (CA), Kentucky
7. Creighton, Missouri, Northwestern, Michigan State
8. Florida Atlantic, Arkansas, Maryland, Memphis
9. West Virginia, Iowa, Illinois, Auburn
10. Boise State, Penn State, USC, Providence
11. Utah State, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Arizona State
12. College of Charleston, VCU, Oral Roberts, Drake
13. Kent State, Furman, Iona, Louisiana-Lafayette
14. Kennesaw State, UC Santa Barbara, Grand Canyon, Colgate
15. Princeton, Montana State, Vermont, NC-Asheville
16. Northern Kentucky, Southeast Missouri State, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Howard, Texas Southern, Fairleigh Dickinson

Monday, March 6, 2023

Bracketology: March 6 - Championship Week

Latest and greatest is below. Now it gets interesting.

P.S. Big East Champs!

1. Kansas, Alabama, Houston, Purdue
2. UCLA, Texas, Baylor, Arizona
3. Marquette, Kansas State, Gonzaga, Tennessee
4. Connecticut, Xavier, Indiana, Virginia
5. Miami (FLA.), St. Mary's (CA), San Diego State, TCU
6. Iowa State, Creighton, Kentucky, Texas A&M
7. Duke, Michigan State, Northwestern, Missouri
8. Iowa, Maryland, Florida Atlantic, Arkansas
9. Illinois, West Virginia, Auburn, Boise State
10. Memphis, Providence, USC, North Carolina State
11. Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Utah State, Nevada, Mississippi State, Penn State
12. College of Charleston, Oral Roberts, Drake, VCU
13. Kent St, Utah Valley, Iona, Yale
14. Marshall, UC Irvine, Furman, Kennesaw State
15. Colgate, Montana State, Vermont, Youngstown State
16. NC-Asheville, Merrimack, Southeast Missouri State, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Norfolk St, Grambling

Monday, February 27, 2023

Bracketology: February 27

 Latest and greatest is below. Less than 2 weeks until Selection Sunday!

1. Alabama, Houston, Kansas, Purdue
2. UCLA, Texas, Arizona, Baylor
3. Kansas State, Marquette, Tennessee, Gonzaga
4. Connecticut, Virginia, Indiana, Iowa State
5. Miami (FLA.), Creighton, St. Mary's (CA), San Diego State
6. Xavier, TCU, Maryland, Illinois
7. Northwestern, Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke
8. Providence, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Iowa
9. Missouri, North Carolina State, Boise State, Rutgers
10. Nevada, Florida Atlantic, Pittsburgh, Auburn
11. Memphis, West Virginia, USC, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, Wisconsin
12. Oral Roberts, College of Charleston, Bradley, VCU
13. Liberty, Marshall, Sam Houston St., Toledo
14. Iona, Yale, UC Irvine, Colgate
15. Montana St., Vermont, Samford, Youngstown State
16. NC-Asheville, Morehead State, Fairleigh Dickinson, NC Central, Grambling, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Bracketology: February 22

 Latest and greatest is below. I thought MU would be on the 3-line as part of the Selection Committee's announcement on Saturday, and although they weren't then, I think they certainly are now.

1. Alabama, Houston, Kansas, Purdue
2. Texas, UCLA, Arizona, Baylor
3. Virginia, Tennessee, Kansas State, Marquette
4. Iowa State, Gonzaga, Indiana, Connecticut
5. Xavier, Miami (FLA.), St. Mary's (CA), Creighton
6. TCU, San Diego State, Northwestern, Illinois
7. Providence, Maryland, Duke, Michigan State
8. Iowa, Rutgers, Arkansas, Missouri
9. Auburn, Texas A&M, North Carolina State, Nevada
10. Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State
11. Boise State, West Virginia, Memphis, Mississippi State, USC, Utah St.
12. College of Charleston, Oral Roberts, Kent State, Liberty
13. VCU, Bradley, Southern Miss, Sam Houston St.
14. Iona, Yale, UC Irvine, Colgate
15. Montana St., Vermont, Youngstown State, Samford
16. NC-Asheville, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, SIU-Edwardsville, Grambling, NC Central, Fairleigh Dickinson

Monday, February 13, 2023

Bracketology: February 13

First of the season (albeit a week late)! Nothing crazy here. Need Wisky to win a couple games to remove Marquette's newly minted Q3 loss. Will try to update this every 1-2 weeks until Selection Sunday. As always, this will be posted on The Bracket Matrix.

1. Purdue, Alabama, Houston, Kansas
2. Arizona, Texas, UCLA, Tennessee
3. Baylor, Virginia, Kansas State, Xavier
4. Iowa State, Connecticut, Marquette, Gonzaga
5. Indiana, St. Mary's (CA), TCU, Creighton
6. San Diego State, Illinois, Rutgers, Miami (FLA.)
7. Iowa, Duke, Providence, Missouri
8. Maryland, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Auburn
9. Arkansas, Florida Atlantic, West Virginia, Nevada
10. Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State, Boise State
11. New Mexico, USC, Memphis, Texas A&M, Mississippi St, Oregon
12. College of Charleston, Oral Roberts, Liberty, Southern Miss
13. Dayton, Kent State, Drake, Sam Houston St
14. UC Irvine, Furman, Iona, Colgate
15. Cornell, Montana St, Youngstown State, Vermont
16. Longwood, Northwestern State, Wagner, SIU-Edwardsville, Grambling, Norfolk St.