Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MU Non-Conference Schedule Being Released Slowly But Surely

As is customary with the Marquette Athletics office, each year during July they release the non-conference schedule one game at a time.  As if the summer isn't slow enough for college hoops, MU somehow found a way to make it even slower.  As everyone should know by now, Marquette kicks off the season on November 9th against Ohio State on an aircraft carrier in Charleston, SC.  This event is very rare, especially for MU, who starts out against a cupcake pretty much every season.

The second and third games of the season have been released so far, and are pretty typical of a non-conference schedule:

November 11 - Colgate
November 13 - Southeastern Louisiana

Check back here for the rest of the non-conference schedule as it comes out at the rapid-fire pace of a snail on an off-day.