Sunday, January 2, 2011

MU Loses to Vandy by 1 Point, Goes 0-4 in Quality OOC Games

There won't be any review of this game, I think I'm just too pissed about it to write one.  To those that didn't see it, the end of the game was a tough pill to swallow.  Dwight Buycks made a very long 2 (his toe was on the line) to put us up by 1 point with 20 seconds to go.  Vandy scored an inside bucket on their next possession to go up by 1 with 4 seconds to go.  On the final possession of the game, Vander Blue took the ball up the court, was tripped by a Vanderbilt defender on a dribble-drive, no foul was called, game over, 77-76 Vanderbilt.   Referee Jim Burr has gotten quite a bit of flack from the MU faithful over the last couple of days for swallowing his whistle on that final play.  Oh well.

For a full recap of the game, you can check Todd Rosiak's blog here.

Marquette's next game is its Big East home opener against West Virginia at 10 am on New Years Day (brutal).

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