Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big East Tourney Recap

Marquette's run in the Big East Tournament came to an end on Thursday after getting blown out by Louisville.  I'm still thinking/hoping we'll be a 10-seed for the Dance, but with factors such as in-conference matchups and surprise wins in the conference tournaments, we could be moved up or down a seed.

A few thoughts from each game in the BE Tourney:


- Pretty simple formula for beating these guys.  Stop Marshon Brooks, stop Providence (and ultimately stop Keno Davis from having a job
- Didn't like how we defended the three-ball, especially at the end of the first half.  Jimmy Butler was the main victim on the MU side, as Vincent Council had a stretch where he just couldn't miss from beyond the arc.
- Transition offense was much improved over the last few games.  Looking to see more of that next week

West Virginia

- Junior Cadougan.  WOW.  The kid played like an absolute beast, making great passes off the dribble, scoring in transition.  This is the guy we've been waiting to see coming out of his shell.  With Dwight Buycks gone next year, I've got high hopes for him when he takes over as the starting point guard.
- Defense looked great.  The mountaineers didn't have much of answer to what we were doing, which was key in us coming back from a 10-0 deficit
- Only 4 points for Jae Crowder, be he also had 9 boards, 3 steals, and 2 blocks.  Just goes to show you don't have to score 20 points to have a big night


- Whatever

The brackets come out tonight at 5pm central.  Check back here in the middle of the week for a preview of MU's matchup as well as some advice for filling out your bracket.

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