Monday, December 6, 2010

Hank Raymonds, Rest in Peace

For the second time this season, a Marquette icon has passed away.  Former Marquette assistant and head coach Hank Raymonds passed away on Monday from cancer.  He was 86 years old.
Todd Rosiak has a great article up about Coach Raymond's life, you can read it here:

Since Rosiak did such a wonderful job detailing out who Hank was as both a coach and a person, I'll leave you to read the article about him.  However, I'll say just one bit about Coach Raymond.  Hank is known in Marquette circles (most famously in my opinion) as being an assistant coach on the 1977 championship team (see, I told you I'm stuck in 1977).  What I think a lot of people don't realize is how much of a role Hank played in coaching the team.  During Al McGuire's tenure as head coach, he was more of an in-game coach than anything else, which meant that assistants like Hank, Rick Majerus, etc. handled the majority of recruiting responsibilities as well as running practices.  This shows just how important Hank was in Marquette winning the national championship, in that in many instances he played more of the role of a head coach than an assistant coach.  Al Mcguire gets most of the credit for coaching MU to the '77 title (as he should), but assistants like Hank deserve plenty of praise too.

Thanks for the memories Hank, you'll be greatly missed.

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